A letter from Chris


Hello, everybody, and welcome to the official website for “Six Foot Something”! We are so glad you’ve decided to join us for this journey. This is Chris typing, and Spencer and I will be switching off updating this page with show information, group updates, and merchandising! (Just kidding on the last item!…….. we’ll see…..) We are both students at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; I (Chris) am a senior studying Writing-Intensive English, while Spencer is a junior studying Public Relations.

I think I can speak for Spencer (though I should be CONFIDENT! I can speak for Spencer as his partner) when I say that we are so anxious, excited, and overbearingly eager to show to you guys what we have been working on for the past couple of months.

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SNAPS FOR SIX FOOT SOMETHING GETTING A TUMBLR. Twitter is next, right? Right?? Also, sorry I stole your poster’s colors for my blog. I hope we’re still friends. <3 

Well Hello There.


People say that where you find comedy at Marquette, you can find me. 

Okay… so nobody actually says that. But it’s essentially true.

My sophomore year at Marquette, I discovered the existence of the improv troupe on campus, the Studio 013 Refugees (AKA the Fugees). I profiled one of its presidents for a journalism project - it’s two years later and they haven’t been able to shake me yet. Now, if there is a comedy-related event happening on campus, you can often find in the back of the audience, lurking in the shadows with a notebook and a camera.

So anyway… about a month ago, I found out that two members of the Fugees, Chris O’Reilly and Spencer Rose, are putting together a two-man improv comedy show, called Six Foot Something. I dropped by one of their practices and Chris, Spencer and I talked for about 30 minutes about why they are doing this. Listening to them talk about their show was actually pretty inspiring, I should have recorded it for all of you. The thing that really stuck out to me in their “stump speech”, is that they aim to change the reputation of comedy at this university.

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